Who We Are

Green Hat Society (GHS) was established in 2010 by a small group of friends as an unofficial, underground 'sisterhood' for women 45+ who enjoy cannabis. We're a diverse and colourful tribe who celebrate authentic, intuitive and empowered living. We share our experiences honestly and hope to inspire other women to embrace the future with comfort and confidence.


What We Do

Throughout the years, we've focused on creating fun opportunities for mature ladies to share information, socialize, travel and cultivate meaningful relationships with each other. This is especially invaluable to us as women who are dealing with a variety of challenges, many of which are associated with aging.


Why We Do It

Based on our personal experience along with anecdotal and scientific evidence, we trust cannabis to positively impact our personal health and wellness. We love, respect and appreciate this life enhancing plant that plays a vital role in our holistic wellbeing. One of the oldest (pun intended!) organizations dedicated to this niche market, we’re currently evolving from our original ‘club’ into a business model that will expand on our current services with a variety of cannacentric products and accessories to support women enthusiasts of all ages.