Featuring Thelia Foster, Katrice Balmer & Danielle Jackson 'Miz D'


The conversation is out of the closet and onto the stage...

Let’s face it, as we mature we experience a variety of issues directly and indirectly related to the aging process. These can include aches, pains, troubles sleeping, menopause, weight gain and dwindling sexuality among a host of other things. For too many individuals, the result is overwhelming feelings of insignificance, isolation, frustration and downright depression.

While a ‘fountain of youth’ might not exist outside the realm of fairy tales, according to these three vibrant women, the closest thing to it has been right under our noses for thousands of years! They’re referring to cannabis and represent the growing number of baby boomers and seniors enjoying a variety of therapeutic benefits from this one amazing plant.

If you’re curious how cannabis can enhance your quality of life, here’s a unique opportunity to learn directly from those who consume it. With more than a century of collective experiential knowledge between them, our fabuluscious ladies invite you to join them for a candid discussion where your questions are welcome and no subject is taboo. Don’t let aging get you down...stay high on life and embrace the future with confidence!

Warning: Presentation may contain course language, sensitive subject matter and severe belly laughs.

And the fun doesn't stop there...

Our Ladies Cannatherapy Retreat October 27-29, 2018 in Bragg Creek, Alberta is now sold out! If you missed out on this retreat, don't worry, we'll be back in the Spring for another one!

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Friday, October 26, 2018, 3-5 PM 

Kerby Centre

1133 - 7th Ave. S.W.

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Meet Our Panelists


Danielle 'Miz D' Jackson

Vancouver’s very own ‘Doprah’, Miz D is an avant-garde and iconic figure in the Canadian cannabis community and industry. A high school dropout turned successful entrepreneur, she’s a fun-loving fashionista with a grassroots glam vibe who’s taken some of life’s nastiest lemons and created some pretty powerful lemonade! Inspired by a passion for self-healing and personal development, her work as a Cannatherapy Consultant has been helping others consciously navigate the wonderful world of cannabis since 2004.

Katrice Balmer

An intuitive coach and vibrational healer for the past 30 years, Katrice guides clients to explore and deepen their personal spiritual connection leading to a fuller, more gratifying life. Living her life as a free spirit has enabled her to heal from physical pain and the accompanying depression and anxiety that was present for much of her life. With a strong inner faith and the belief that we all have a quiet healer within, she strives daily to live her best life as she seeks to instill this same conviction in her clients and all who cross her path. She feels that each new day is a gift just waiting to be opened and explored. In her mid 60’s, Katrice’s dynamic energy is evident whether banging on her djembe drum, dancing to music that moves her, playing on the playground with her young grandchildren or sharing special times with family and friends. 

Thelia Foster

As someone who navigates the world of chronic pain daily, Thelia uses her own experiences in conjunction with her professional skills to illustrate that easy creative practices combined with cannabis can assist in helping people to transcend the pains that plague us on physical, mental and spiritual levels. She began to focus on sharing the benefits of engaging in the arts when she noted the childlike joy, and undeniable healing energy on faces of people in engaged in creating something with their hands. Her experience working with disabled artists only deepened her passion.

While Thelia embodies a creative nature, she remains a lifelong student who continually develops her repertoire of technical skills as an artist, aromatherapist and holistic healer to better serve her students, clients, family and friends. She
 loves to dance and has a soundtrack to every day of her life. If there’s reggae playing nearby, you can be sure Thelia will be singing along or shaking her tail feathers especially if she’s cooking up something new in her studio.